During 9 – 12 July 2021, the delegation of Moldovan winemakers participated in best practices exchange program visit to Romania, as part of the WINET Black Sea Basin project, financed by the European Union. Moldovan delegation was composed from representatives of wine sector, wine sector assosiations and business supporting organizations, all participating in best practices exchange programs organized in the neighboring country, România – WINET project partner.

The study tour started in Cernavodă City, in Rasova Winery where the winemakers from the two countries discussed similarities and differences of vine-growing and winemaking. After Rasova, the team visited Trantu Winery located in Cernavodă as well, and Hamangia Winery in Baia village. The hosts presented their vine plantations as well as their winemaking facilities, talking about methods and equipment used. The wine tasting was the last part of the visit and the Moldovans were not surprised to find similar tastes and aromas.

The next days of the exchange program visits were spent in a very picturesque area in the Danube Delta during the visit at Bratu and Macin Wineries. Representatives of moldovan wine sector had the opportunity to be inspired by talking to the owners while visiting the Delta Dunarii Winery. A company with 30 ha. of vine plantation and 300 m cellars, that is producing a large selection of wines. The Moldovan team members were very curious to know everything: from vine growing, to wine producing, marketing and exporting. They werere also eager to share with their colleagues from Romania, how things are done in Moldova and the results the winemakers managed to achieve.