Wine Tourism Online Webinar

In the last few years, the way people are travelling and what they prefer to do during their trips has significantly changed. An obvious shift from beautiful destinations to meaningful experiences can be noticed. Enotourism or enological tourism has become increasingly popular and consists of making the wine world known from the inside: wineries, vineyards, production processes, history. In addition, it is also closely related to gastronomic tourism and cultural tourism linked to the wine industry. Join us for a discussion on wine tourism development and offer of the three countries participating in the project. You will have the opportunity to listen to speakers from Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria who will share stories and case studies on this interesting subject and will introduce you to the most beautiful wine tourism destinations.

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ECO 🍷 WINE Online webinar

🍷🎤 Do not miss the chance to tune in tomorrow and participate in a discussion about ecological, biodynamic, sustainable wines with our guest speakers from Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria.

🍷🎤 Sommeliers, wine consultants, winemakers, wine writers, renowned not only in their country, but also abroad, will share knowledge, experience and opinions about this subject that has become increasingly important in the last five years.

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Dogma Black Sea aged wines is probably on of the craziest an most exciting projects I have ever created. The idea behind these wines was born while Giovanni Colugnati and Victor Tsvetanov were tasting a single malt whisky matured in oak casks that were soaked with salty sea water. Then they decided to create wines that are aged at the sea bottom and this is how the Dogma Black Sea aged wines was born. This is not something new for the wine industry across the world, but for Bulgaria I believe this is the first wine from this kind.