Regional Administration Dobrich

Regional public authority
Fiscal code:
9300 Dobrich, 5 Nezavisimost Str.
9300 Dobrich, 5 Nezavisimost Str.
+359 58 601 200


Dobrich Region is located in Northeastern Bulgaria and occupies most of Southern Dobrudja. It falls into the easternmost part of the Danube Hilly Plain.
Covers an area of ​​4,719.7 sq. Km. (4.24% of the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria). The region is part of the Northeast region of NUTS 2, which includes the neighboring districts of Varna, Shumen and Targovishte and has the following administrative boundaries:
- to the north, the Republic of Romania;
- to the south - the districts of Varna and Shumen;
- to the east - the Black Sea;
- to the west - Silistra region.
It should be noted that the territory of Dobrich district remains away from the main transport corridors "North-South" and "East-West". but the coastal road I-9 border Romania-Durankulak-Shabla-Kavarna-Balchik-Varna, with European categorization E-87 is part of the Trans-European Transport Network TEN-T.
The railway also passes through Dobrich district. the Constanta-Varna line, which is a connection between Russia, Ukraine and Moldova with the Republic of Turkey.
There are two border checkpoints on the territory of the district - Yovkovo and Durankulak.
Dobrich District includes 8 municipalities - Balchik, Dobrich, Dobrich, General Toshevo, Kavarna, Krushari, Tervel and Shabla and 215 settlements, of which 6 cities.
Arable land: 344 558.3 ​​ha (7.1% of the used agricultural land in Bulgaria).
The population of Dobrich district is 171,809 people.


Dobrich region is part of the Northern Black Sea wine region.

The northern Black Sea region is also among the most interesting in terms of climate and soil characteristics. It has a mild, sea-influenced, temperate climate. Autumn is warm, dry and long, which is very favorable for the accumulation of enough sugars to obtain fine white wines. Mostly white varieties such as smoked, Riesling, Muscat Otonel, Chardonnay, June Blanc, Traminer, Sauvignon Blanc are grown, which here give excellent quality grapes. This region produces some of the best dry and semi-dry wines in our country, which combine a pleasant fruity aroma, rich taste and elegant freshness. The soils are chernozem, gray-brown forest, saline alluvial-deluvial, rendzina and pseudopodzolic.

It covers the wine regions around Varna, Shumen, Targovishte, Dobrich, Silistra. The Northern Black Sea wine region occupies over 20% of the area with vineyards in the country.

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    9300 Dobrich, 5 Nezavisimost Str.