Pastoral dessert wine

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SA Vinuri de Comrat
Liquer wine
Available in:
Moldova, Republic of
Red wine
Sweet wine
Cabernet Sauvignon N
Country of origin:
Moldova, Republic of

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This archival wine is made from high-quality Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in 2010 with the accumulation of maximum sugar and with the full technical maturity of the berries. It is unique because of its aromatic and taste qualities, which are achieved by applying such a technical process as heating pulp to a certain temperature, followed by infusion to achieve a balance between aroma and taste with further alcoholization of the wort. One of the positive characteristics is that with age it only becomes more beautiful and the balance between alcohol and sugar becomes one, giving a feeling of unreal aroma and taste.

This wine is limited in quantity and stored in special cellars with constant temperature and humidity.

The color is dark ruby.

The aroma of prunes and chocolate.

The taste is velvety, enveloping, unique with a long vanilla-chocolate finish.

The presence of sediment in the bottle is allowed.

If possible, do not shake the bottle and let the wine be decanted one hour before drinking, for better disclosure of aroma and taste.

Serving temperature +18 - +22 º C.

Alc. 16% vol. Sugar 160 g / dm3

Served independently or in combination with desserts or coffee