Designed by the Labelmaker, crafted by the Black Sea

Dogma Black Sea aged wines is probably on of the craziest an most exciting projects I have ever created. The idea behind these wines was born while Giovanni Colugnati and Victor Tsvetanov were tasting a single malt whisky matured in oak casks that were soaked with salty sea water. Then they decided to create wines that are aged at the sea bottom and this is how the Dogma Black Sea aged wines was born. This is not something new for the wine industry across the world, but for Bulgaria I believe this is the first wine from this kind.

How the Covid-19 pandemic will affect Bulgarian Wine

How the Covid-19 pandemic will affect Bulgarian Wine

Hello friends, after a two-week quarantine and the closure of many sectors related to the production and consumption of wine, restaurants, wine bars, etc., the negativity of people in the wine industry is growing.

The primary in us said, „We need to have the means to make the most necessary survival products,” (because this pandemic and the incessant information from around the world make people think about self-preservation and the survival of them and their families). All over the world, jobs and positions are already being redistributed so that something built over the years does not collapse for months. It will be the same here in Bulgaria and undoubtedly every sector will be affected in some way, mainly economically and thank God, let us be alive and healthy, we will manage!

Rock in the Wine Valley

What brings wine and rock music together?

Perhaps the fact that a great part of the rock fans love the good wine too, while quite many of the talented winemakers – here in Bulgaria, as well as all over the world – listen to this style of music with real pleasure. The strength of this relationship is proved by one of the emblematic modern Bulgarian wineries, Midalidare Estate. A first of its kind music festival, called Rock In The Wine Valley, is going to take place on the winery’s territory in the beginning of this June.