In the city of Tulcea grapes can be grown anywhere. The terrain of the region consists of a succession of hills and flat land, which together with the climate conditions provide perfect conditions for producing both wine and table grapes. The most important wineyards of Tulcea County can be found at Istria-Babadag Grapery and Sarcia-Niculitel Grapery. Among the most important and outstanding grape verieties we can mention Merlot, Italian Riesling, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Muscat Ottonel, White Feteasca, Regal Feteasca, Black Babeasca and Aligote. Visit the county of Tulcea and taste the best wines of Romania.

The vineyards of Istria-Babadag

Situated in the eastern rgion of Dobrogea, towards the southern part of the Danube Delta, the vineyards of Istria-Babadag include the growing centers of Istria, Babadag and Nucarilor Valley. The region has two main low formations: the Basin of Nalbantului and the Plains of Agighiol. The Basin of Nalbant has the shape of an amphitheater with steps which descend from an altitude of 100 meters in the northern side towards the south to an altitude of 50 meters.

Cabernet Sauvignon, ©bigbirdz/Flickr

The Plains of Agighiol is located in the far east and it has the shape of an arc. It descends in steps from the Hills of Tulcea and its separation peak, called Uzum-Gavana descends towards the shores of Lake Razelm. The local vineyards produce mostly quality red wines such as Merlot, Burgund, Cabernet Sauvignon and also quality white wines such as Aligote, Ottonel Muscat and Regal Feteasca.

Wineyards of Sarcia-Niculitel

The wineyards of Sarcia Niculitel are located in the northern and northwestern side of Dobrogea together with the viticultural centers of Niculitel, Macin and Tulcea. The terrain is extremely varied with high sub-units, such as the Hills of Niculitel and Tulcea and the Mountains of Macin, which are traversed by deep valleys and basins.

Vineyard, ©and3k/Flickr

The wineyards produce about 65% wite wine and 35% red wine. The most important wine varieties produced in this region include the Italian Riesling, Aligote (white wine), Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot (red wine).

Vineyards of Macin region

As it was mentioned before, grapes can be grown almost anywhere in Dobrogea but every square and inch of the Sarica Niculitel vineyards are ideal for proper wine producing. The terrain consists of a succession of hills and flat land which are no problems for wine producing.

Macin mountains, ©cod_gabriel/Flickr

There is plenty of light and heat across the land and the soil is fertile and has an advantegous structure containing all the key elements for effective wine producing.