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Château Vartely
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During a programmed visit to Château Vartely Tourist Complex, with a tour of winery and wine tastings, visitors can discover and experience the history, traditions and culture of winemaking in Moldova.

Hidden inside of a limestone hill, the winery cellars benefit the most from the stone’s natural property of maintaining the cool temperature.

Here, visitors can enjoy tours and wine tastings accompanied by the professional guides. In this respect, the tasting rooms of Château Vartely ensure ideal conditions for a true wine tasting experience. The grand tasting rooms houses a collection of the winery’s own wines. The second tasting room presents a collection of wines from the major wine regions of the world.

After the wine tasting visitors can enjoy delicious meals of Moldovan traditional cuisine, served at the restaurant of the Château Vartely tourist complex, and, if desired, extend the stay in one of three gorgeous villas.

So, any visitor has the opportunity to stay in one of three guest villas. There are options for accommodation of one guest, two guests / double bed or a VIP – suites. Each option has breakfast included. The prices vary from 60 to 110 euro per room per night. More details about accommodation services see on the hotel dedicated page.

For large groups, personalized services are offered, and a preliminary reservation is mandatory. For more information and reservations call: +37368500555 or e-mail: