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Chateau Cristi

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Moldova, Republic of
Ialoveni, Nucarilor 71
Chisinau, Maria Cebotari 6
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Alex Puiu
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Since 2015, “Chateau Cristi”, a winery with secular traditions, brings back to life the old wine recipes of the Cristi family.
The winery is located 35 km far from Chișinău, the capital of Moldova, in Bozieni village, district Hâncești. Endowed with modern equipment, it has the capacity to produce annually around 1million bottles of high-quality wines.
Today, our vineyards stretch on 150ha, in the vicinity of Găvănoasa village and the famous historical zone “Valul lui Traian”, the South of Moldova. The grapes harvested in this fertile area are famous for the distinguished bouquet, the aromas of flowers and dried fruits that give the wine an intense colour and excellent taste.
For several years, the revived “Chateau Cristi” winery delights the admirers of select wines with a distinct product.


The personality of Vladimir Christi, the founder of this winery, is associated with a series of political events and progressive state decisions. His name is written with Gold Letters in the history of the local winemaking.
Vladimir Cristi was an important social and political figure of his time. The Mayor of Chișinău, an ardent patriot and talented winemaker passed on through generations the tradition of making wines of high standards, nowadays well-known all over the world.
A century later, “Chateau Cristi” follows the traditions of the Cristi family, of noble descents, with the same fidelity to quality and love to winemaking.

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    Moldova, Republic of
    Ialoveni, Nucarilor 71

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