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Republic of Moldova, Comrat city, 1Vinzavodscaya str.
Republic of Moldova, Comrat city, 1Vinzavodscaya str.
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Vinuri de Comrat is a modern production complex, processing 5-6 thousand tons of grapes and bottling more than 3 mil bottles of wine per year. Wines are exported to more than 20 countries of the world. The company produces more than 50 series of wines, both varietal and blends, which perfectly combine European and indigenous grape varieties, historically grown only in Moldova and Romania.
We are proud of such collections Vinuri de Comrat as Plai Moldova, 98 hectares, Bessarabian Provinse, Detox, Folklore, wines, aged in barriques and produced according to the modern winemaking technologies


In the 1895 The Minister of Finance of the Russian Empire, Mr. Witte, issued a decree on the construction of 14 state-owned wine warehouses for the production of „40-degree table wine” (vodka) in the Bessarabian province One of these factories was built in Comrat. It included: a production department for producing 40-degree table wine with cellars, a warehouse, owner’s house and a barrack for workers.
In 1897 they began production of 40-degree table wine, built a horse yard, which provided transportation of products.
After World War II besides existing premises a winery for processing grapes was built. This gave a new life to the enterprise, re-profiling took place and production and production of grape wine began.
In 1969 An agro-industrial complex was created on the basis of the Comrat winery, which included 15 state farms and 8 wineries. This agricultural complex processed up to 80,000 tons of grapes per season
In 1995 as a result of privatization, the Comrat winery was transformed into SA “Vinuri de Comrat”, which is located in the south of Moldova in Gagauzia region.

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    Moldova, Republic of
    Republic of Moldova, Comrat city, 1Vinzavodscaya str.

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“Vinuri de Comrat” offers
excursion to wine cellars of the 19th century
- Wine tasting guided by technologists
- an unique museum of USSR period
- the best Southern wines
- Delicious national cuisine
- Master Klasses
- Factory tour
- Sales
-Photo shoot in national clothes
- Competitions
- Retro disco show

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