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District Dobrich, Municipality Balchik, Post Code 9600, 69 Stara Planina Str.
District Dobrich, Municipality Balchik, Post Code 9600, 69 Stara Planina Str.
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Queen’s Winery House is a brand that is gaining more and more popularity in Bulgaria and around the world among connoisseurs of good wine and selected dishes. It attracts the attention of collectors, people with refined taste.
Queen’s Winery House loves experimentation and innovation. Every year they produce limited wines, the taste of which is specific and memorable. The search for new and interesting combinations to provoke and surprise is part of the philosophy of the winery: “We especially enjoy innovation, discussion, surprise. We do not like boring wines and the pure taste of alcohol. For us, every wine producer must have his own unique style. We don't expect everyone to like us. We do not want to be in frames. Our goal is to leave a mark. Let's choose the best from the place where we live and give it a new style, life and emotion. "
However, the Bulgarian royal winery's own handwriting has brought it worldwide recognition. Queen’s Winery House wines and brandies have won a number of international quality awards, and in 2016 they won numerous gold, silver and bronze medals at one of the world’s most prestigious wine and spirits competitions - CWSA 2016 in China.
The vineyards of the winery are located near Balchik, on the main tourist route to the region before the village of Tsarichino. Honey, which adds sweetness to some of the wines, is also produced by Queen’s Winery House.


The history of Queen’s Winery House started in 2005 in order to satisfy the passion for wine. The bottles wearing that brand create friendship, make people smile and dream.
This is a story about faith. Faith that makes you overcome the fear of making new flavors and makes thousands of people from all four corners or the world come adventuring in the world of Queen’s Winery House, looking for marvelous emotions in a glass. Faith that somewhere in the small country of Bulgaria, two daydreamers can create a new trend in the winemaking and to leave the connoisseurs speechless…
You are asking what makes Queen’s Winery House an emotion so special for everybody I why does everyone want to feel it again? The answer is a short one – infinite range of tastes, all different. Everyone is dreaming to get into the world of these masterpieces. There you can try wines and spirits, some of them without analogue: watermelon fruit wine, wine aperitifs with honey, with almonds, with Bulgarian rose, aperitif for blue plum chocolate, snow wine, cantaloupe digestif, dessert wine with smoky aftertaste, pumpkin brandy, fig syrup, rose syrup, aged brandy, wine made of raisin grapes from a late harvest, fruit wine from frozen apples, spicy wine for game meat, wine made from aronia.
The amazing experiences waiting for you, which you can share with your favourite people, but only on one condition – share it further and promise yourself that after the end of the bottle you can make your most incredible dream come true!
Our boutique wines and limited edition wines and spirits you can order online or to buy during the degustation.

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    District Dobrich, Municipality Balchik, Post Code 9600, 69 Stara Planina Str.

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Presentation and tasting of wines

Free degustation of boutique wines with the brand Queen’s Winery House is conducted in the town of Balchik, in villa “Prince Nikolai”, which is a part of the Architectural Park Complex “Dvoretsa” – the former summer residence of the Romanian queen Maria Alexandrina Victoria de Edinburgh – a worthy setting the first meeting with your favorite wine.
In our showroom you can also see our “Unique” collection – oenotheque wines, rakia, brandies and liqueurs, all by Bulgarian winemakers. We are very proud with our specimens from 1878, Mavrud from 1945 and 1965, Gumza 1894 and 1909, brandy, chartreuse, cognac and anisette, all aged more than 80 years. Visit us to know their history.

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