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Moldova, Republic of
str. Stefan cel Mare 9, s. Merenii Noi, rn. Anenii Noi, Republia Moldova
str. Stefan cel Mare 9, s. Merenii Noi, rn. Anenii Noi, Republia Moldova
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Igor Carlasuc
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Carlevana Winery is one of the most progressive and fast developing enterprises in the wine industry of Moldova. Our aim is to produce wines that will make Moldova famous!

Carlevana Winery is located in the heart of Moldova, Merenii Noi (New Mereni) village, in 25 km from Chisinau. The landscape protects vineyards from winter frosts and summer droughts. The company is an entire winemaking complex. The whole process, starting with the care of the vine, and ending with filling in cells and the preparing for sale, is controlled by experts of Carlevana Winery. The total area of the company's vineyards is more than 151 hectares. Most of them are Riesling, Sauvignon and Rara Neagră. It is also worth noting that the company is one of the few in Moldova that cultivate Sauvignon Gris and Pinot Gris varieties. At present, the company has the largest area of vineyards of Riesling and Rara Neagră varieties.

The winery’s history started in 1959 and is closely linked to the history of the winemaking industry of Moldova in the sixties. A new stage in the winery’s history began in 1996, after the privatization of the state-owned enterprises. It became a Joint Stock Company. A new modern bottling line was installed and the winery started to bottle its own wines. The share of bottled wines was increasing year after year and by 1999 we became one of the 15 biggest wine producers of Moldova.

Starting with 1999, the winery’s winemakers together with the newly appointed winemakers Constantin Stratan and Stepan Curdov, started a new premium wine production program. The best vineyards from different wine regions – Taraclia, Cahul, Cimislia and Hancesti, were contracted to supply the best quality grapes for this program. The winery was re-equipped with modern crushers, membrane presses and refrigeration. This allowed the winemakers to use the most up-to-date techniques in order to produce wines that reflect the character of the grapes and the region.

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    Moldova, Republic of
    str. Stefan cel Mare 9, s. Merenii Noi, rn. Anenii Noi, Republia Moldova

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