Auriu dessert wine

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SA Vinuri de Comrat
Liquer wine
Available in:
Moldova, Republic of
White wine
Sweet wine
Traminer B
Country of origin:
Moldova, Republic of

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This is a high-quality dessert wine, produced from the Traminer grape variety, in the southern zone of the Republic of Moldova in Comrat wine center, in certain years, when the berries accumulate the largest amount of aroma, nutrients and sugar, which in the future give this blame a long life for the joy of people. This wine is aged in barrels for three years.

This collection of wine is limited, each bottle has its own number. This wine is stored in special cellars with constant temperature and humidity.

The color is amber.

Aroma - light rose, honey, with a light aroma of red walnut.

The taste is soft, enveloping, velvety with a good honey after a long taste.

This wine leaves behind an unforgettable feeling of satisfaction.

Serving temperature +18 - +22 º C.

Alc. 16% vol. Sugar 160 g / dm3

Served independently as a dessert or in combination with dessert pastries.