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SA Vinuri de Comrat
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Dear friends!
Our restaurant "Bassarabian Province" is located in the city of Comrat.
The idea to open the restaurant came in the process of restoration of the historic wine courtyard "Vinuri de Comrat", which was founded in 1987 during the period of the Bessarabian province.
For you there is a fireplace room for 12 people in the wine cellar of 1897, carefully restored and equipped in the style of the Bessarabian province. Also, the wine cellar can accommodate up to 80 people if you are planning a big event.
The terrace overlooking the buildings of the 19th century architecture, fountains and vineyards is ready to receive you in cozy gazebos immersed in greenery, flowers and birdsong.
Meat dishes are cooked on tandoor, grill and josper on wood, which gives them a special taste.
We love our work very much, and each dish is a work of art, in which the southern soul is invested.
A special place in the restaurant's menu is occupied by amazing southern wines, which perfectly match our dishes.
The concept of a restaurant is not only about food. After having a tasty meal, you can take an interesting tour of the factory, visit the Museum of Forgotten Things, take a bike ride, participate in competitions and win a prize, as well as darts, table tennis and billiards for those who like active rest.