A Champagne & Sparkling Wine Festival is scheduled to be held at the Grand Hotel Millennium Sofia in Bulgaria’s capital city on November 20 and 21, each day from 1pm to 9pm. “In a luxurious and cosy atmosphere, visitors will give their senses a unique experience and enjoyment of tastings of exquisite brands of wines and delicacies from renowned world and Bulgarian producers,” organisers say.There will be tastings of more than 100 types of champagne and sparkling wine, including from France’s top champagne producers, on to sparkling wines produced in Italy, Spain and Germany, including Lambrusco, Asti and Prosecco, Cava, Cremant and Franciacorta.

The tastings will also include a selected series of wines from Bulgarian producers. They will present their wonderful sparkling wines, some of which have won prizes at the most prestigious world competitions, a statement about the event said.

Gourmet bites will be offered in addition to the selection of bubblies.

At the venue, in the Grand Millennium Hotel’s Shakespeare and Mozart halls, there will be strict compliance with anti-epidemic measures, including wearing of protective masks, disinfection of surfaces, airing, and controls of foot flows and distancing. Organisers say that the air conditioning in the halls is very modern, allowing excellent air circulation and a constant supply of clean fresh air.

(Photo: Wynand van Niekerk)

Source : Sofia Globe