Is wine allowed during Lent?

Fasting is a period of abstinence not only from certain foods, but also from impure thoughts and actions. They are a way of spiritual concentration and purification of both the body and the spirit.
The meaning of fasting is different for each person. It is also a matter of personal choice how exactly to spend these few weeks – without risk to health, in front of delicious vegetable dishes or ascetically and even dangerously.

In the Orthodox religious tradition there are several periods of fasting, the two largest fasts being in the periods before Christmas and before Easter (Christmas Lent and Easter Lent).

Many are interested in what is allowed to be consumed during fasting, as well as whether the use of alcohol is allowed during this period. It should be noted that even during Lent the consumption of wine is allowed, but it must be in small quantities.

The church typic says that a glass of red wine can be consumed on all days except Wednesdays and Fridays. Red wine is preferred because it symbolizes the blood of Christ.

The Deputy Hierarch, Father Konstantin Georgiev, for the fasts

– Is alcohol allowed during fasting?

– Alcohol is a drink that is inherent in man. The church has banned concentrated alcohol and beer. Wine is allowed during Lent. As we know, it is our spiritual food, which symbolizes the blood of the Lord. That is why often on our Christian dinners – the so-called agapia, the consumption of wine is allowed. So, wine is allowed during Lent, and all other drinks are forbidden.

Alcohol should not be abused during fasting, because when a person gets drunk, he can no longer control himself and easily falls into sin.

So even if you fast, you can enjoy the divine drink!