Best practices exchange programs, an important part of the WINET Black Sea Basin program financed by the European Union, have started with the Moldovan delegation visiting Bulgaria during 4- 7 July 2021. One of the important benefits of being a WINET member is the opportunity offered to companies related to meeting, exchanging know-how and participating in best practices exchange programs with other winemakers, both from their country, as well as from the other two countries that are part of the WINET project.
Representatives of Moldovan winemaking companies, members of WINET, visited sunny Bulgaria during 4- 7 July 2021, as part of the best practices exchange program visits. The tour proves to be very useful for the Moldovan team, but also for the Bulgarian wineries they are visiting, offering them the opportunity to discuss the latest modernised trends in winemaking, to talk about the problems each of them faces given the global pandemic circumstances, to reflect on solutions they have identified, as well as to share tips and tricks.
Moldovan companies visited the districts Vidin and Stara Zagora, with stops at Betterhalf Garage Wines in Mogilovo VIllage, Midalidare Estate in Mogilovo village, Alexandra Winery & Vineyards in Sredno Gradiste, as well as Edoardo Miroglio wine.

The agenda was followed with visits in Balchick, a charming seaside resort in Southern Dobruja. Moldovan delegation had the opportunity to taste the wines of a brand with a very suggestive name: Queen’s Winery House. What other more suitable name could have the owners chosen for an estate located close to one of the most important tourist attractions of the area, Queen Mary’s Castle, constructed in 1926 , for the needs of Queen Marie of Romania.

The winemakers shared stories and talked business. The visitors had the chance to discuss equipment and technologies, the methods used, the way production processes are organised and other topics of interest for the winemakers.